Experience the future

Our solution – a program platform is a combination of the Pro-Control application and the QAC24.com service. It is a breakthrough in quality control of medical diagnostic devices, covering all diagnostic tools – from simple dental apparatus to nuclear medicine and hybrid equipment (e.g. PET/CT).

Thanks to our Pro-Control application and the QAC24.com website service (Quality Assurance Centre), all key elements of quality control – diagnostic devices, hospital IT system, phantoms and meters – have been combined, opening up unheard-of possibilities and making the whole process simple and automatic.

The Pro-Control application is based on a universal medical images browser supporting the DICOM protocol, in addition to automatic image evaluation also providing tools for manual image examination. First and foremost, Pro-Control makes it possible to easily organize and control the quality of any number of diagnostic devices.

Experience the future now

QAC24.com offers flexibility and scalability of a cloud service, at the same time retaining the potential of the Pro-Control application. It can be used by both a small dental practices and a chain of hospitals across the country and beyond. If many people are responsible for running tests in an organisation, their separate Pro-Control installations or individual QAC24.com accounts can be combined. It makes it possible to get an insight into how the organization is running from one place.

Because of the division into a cloud service and a desktop application, our platform can offer the assets of both of these solutions, allowing adaptations literally to each and every need.

Our solution essentially means:


1. increased productivity and cost reduction – we do not waste working time of qualified personnel for time-consuming image examinations or test results evaluation (also saving energy);



2. increased patient safety (the ALARA principle) – because all devices for image diagnostics are under control, there is no risk of excessive radiation or wrong diagnosis;



3. increased trust in proper operation of diagnostic devices – objective tests show whether a device works properly or not, with any defects easily noticed, diagnosed and corrected;



4. ease of implementation and operation – one platform using telemedicine (the DICOM protocol) to control the quality of any number of diagnostic imaging devices;



5. standardization and synergy – one quality control system in the whole organization;



6. unlimited access – test results are accessible online from anywhere in the world, and from any device equipped with an internet browser;



7. access to an unprecedented amount of information – the platform can combine an unlimited number of users from one organization; test results collected by each of them are accumulated in one place, providing easy and fast access to a huge amount of information from thousands of apparatus;



8. unlimited usage potential – the platform created and developed by us offers unmatched development and adaptation potential to individual needs of each and every user.


Our solution brings a wholly innovative value into the world market of quality control, transforming phantoms and metres from separate, simple and passive tools into much more – into an aggregate that actively supports technicians or medical physicists in controlling their diagnostic apparatus.