Promotion Pro-Digi Kit

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We are pleased to announce our first promotional action for our new QA / QC kits and service.

The QA / QC kit is dedicated for tests on any digital (CR/DR) radiography devices (mobile and bucky stand units included) and allows you to check:

  • collimation/beam alignment
  • position and size of the effective radiation field
  • dynamic range
  • spatial resolution
  • contrast resolution
  • homogeneity
  • automatic exposure chambers


The kit consists of all necessary tools to evaluate the most important parameters of a radiography system:

  • Pro-Digi - versatile imaging quality phantom with a cone for wider geometry tests, 
  • Pro-RF Al 25 - patient equivalent phantom, 
  • Pro-RF Cu 1 - additional Cu filter to be used for tests above 100kV, 
  • Pro-RF Rack - for mounting the phantom on the bucky stand,
  • Pro-RF Stand - for tests on units without insertion slots (e.g. over-table / under-table tubes, etc.),
  • Pro-RF AEC Cu - set of Cu plates for Automated Exposure Control testing,
  • Quick Guide Cards - quick and easy explanation of how to run tests and use,
  • pelican carrying case with dedicated, three layer foam inlay (two to hold the phantom and other tools, and one with empty slots for other accessories you may need).


Performing tests with this set is very easy and clearly explained in the short User Guide. Additionally, you do not have to worry about image evaluation as everything will be automatically analysed and conveniently stored online in


However, the main part of this QA kit is access to our cloud service. The initial costs of purchase are significantly lower for the online service compared to the desktop software. It is a sufficient solution for normal QA / QC tasks that you can use on any computer, tablet or smartphone without having to install any additional applications.


There are three annual subscription plans for the to go with this QA kit for you to choose from:


numer of X-ray devices that can be defined 1 10 unlimited
total number of tests that can be stored 24 240 unlimited


In short, the QA kit works like this:

You need only 2-steps


Promotional pricing

To promote this new solution of a phantom set and the service, we offer special discounts on the standard prices. To learn more, please ask our representative in your country, or contact us, and we will direct you to the proper person. 

This promotion is valid until 30 April 2016.


In short, the QA kit’s assets are as follows:

  • affordable set of premium tools accompanied by unmatched additional service for quick, easy and versatile evaluation of imaging quality of any CR/DR radiography systems;
  • affordable and easy access to the worldwide unique cloud service that will do all the difficult QA work for the user:
  • increased productivity and cost reduction – there is no need to waste time of qualified personnel for time-consuming image analysis or test results evaluation;
  • increased patient safety – since all devices are controlled, there is no risk of unnecessary radiation or misdiagnosis;
  • increased confidence in imaging devices – objective tests show how a device is performing and all glitches can be quickly spotted, diagnosed and repaired;
  • better understanding of Quality Control and characteristic parameters of the diagnostic device.


Here are the Quick Guides that you will find in the set that will allow everyone to quickly start using the equipment.

Pro-Digi Quick Guide

Pro-RF AEC Cu Quick Guide


You may expect more of similar promotions for sets dedicated to test other modalities. They will also be